Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hello all

So its about time i put some more stuff on here for you all to look at.

As i have mentioned before i have been a very busy woman recently. Work, hobbies (new and old) new boyfriend and my ever hectic social life are conspiring to make life somewhat busy and full. And all in the best possible way. I am a very happy bunny at the moment!

One of these hobbies is my pottery evening classes.

So here are some photos to show you what i have been up too.
All these items are from the autumn term at the end of last year.

I have to say i am rather smuggly proud of this one. It was a total experiment and came out absolutely beautifully. And i wired it all up my self, bit of a dab hand with the re-wire malarky.

This next one is designed to be a garden sculpture. And when the weather gets better i will show you all a photo of it in situ. Far to chilly to be setting up garden scultures at the moment. And i have more to add to this garden sculture now too, as i have been busy working on some new items this term.

This was a extra deep lasagne dish made for Zareh's 40th Birthday pressie. the stencil that i used to create the morrocan star tessalation on the bottom was an experiment, one that worked very well. And i have been relialbly informed that it does exactly what it says on the tin.

This one is another lamp, in the photo unwired. This was another gift, this time for Martyns birthday.

This terms creations will be added shortly.

They all come out of the kiln next week!


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