Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Kit on the blog

Hello all. More Moggy stuff here. I thought you all might like to see what little Mishka looks like. She's the new addition to the family. Poor old Pepper(as he is now getting older, nine enfact!) was pining terribly after his bossy little sister Madison and was getting in a terrible state everything I left the house. Which as you lot know is alot when my social life is as hectic as it is. And I have to say I was missing having two cats, as they interact with each other and keep each other, and me, company.
So off to Wood green I went, with a bit of apprehension, as I was not sure quite how I felt about getting a new companion so soon, 2 months, after loosing Madison so tragically to car. After 3 visits, this cute little frightened little mite had been bought in only the night before as her elderly owner had died. She was just so soft and sweet, and such a pretty little thing. So home with me she came.
After much hiding behind the tell I placed her in the bathroom with all her necessities so she could feel safer in a smaller environment and paid her regular visits to acclimatize her to me.
Well its now been 5 months and she has installed herself very well in to her new surroundings, she and pepper no longer run away from each other, they sleep next to one another. She is even more vocal and chatty than Pepper, and for those of you that know what Pepper is like you will know that, that is quite some feat!
So here are a few piccy's, some are a little blurred as she is still quite camera shy.


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