Monday, June 12, 2006

Really crap at blogging

Hiya All

Apologies to all of you who have no idea what I have been up to lately. I have been completely remiss with this blogging malarkey.

Well here’s a quick run down of what I can recall that some of you may have missed since my last blogg.

Work is busy, which is good, and also tiring. Designing another kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom with ensuite currently. And lots of sewing too.
Compensation from birthday do yet.

Simon bought me a pressie of a web site, only been remiss on this also, as I haven’t sent the guy anything yet. Will perhaps have time in the autumn when work tails off a little.

Still knitting and getting there with projects. I have slowed up a lot since having a lot of work on. Still the money’s good, so shouldn’t grumble.

Sadly I lost darling Mishka a couple of weeks ago. A car killed her.
Pepper and I are missing here a lot.

Been to lots of lovely social events. Parties and dinners etc.

Met some of Simons oldest friends now, and they’re lovely.

Simon and I are still seeing each other and things are lovely. I am a very happy woman.

Lots of possible holidays planned. Cornwall and Dubai are current possibilities as we have possible offers of free accommodation in both! And I would still love to find a way to go see Jack, Heather and Rebecca in New Zealand

Missing friends Jack, Heather and Rebecca, and cant believe how much they have all changed. Jack and Heather looking as slim and as content as I have ever known them and the little one, oh my how she is growing fast!

Went to Alex’s birthday bbq last week and it was lovely to catch up with her and Martyn and others.

Went to Grand Designs live in London with Simon last weekend. Great day out, with lots of ideas to be had.

Had a lovely wee bbq on Friday night last. First one at this house.

So that’s it for the mo. I promise I will try to do some more soon. Now that I have a nice new flat screen monitor too, its lovely to be on the comp again
Take care all

Talk soon


Blogger Ian Manning said...

Heya, sorry didn't manage to phone - back REALLY late from Nottingham. Will contact you in the week!


11:20 pm  
Blogger kelbags said...

Hey Scarlet, you'll get free accomodation in Canada too!! Plus some free Ceroc classes. That's got to beat those other countries HA! HA!

3:43 am  

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