Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eye candy Friday

I hope that Mary DB
won't mind me borrowing(well blatantly pinching i think is more accurate) her idea. Thank you Mary.

Here is one of my photos. It was taken last summer in the Barbara Hepworth garden in Cornwall. Which if you are ever in the area i can highly recommend. It was probably the highlight of my Cornwall holiday. That and The Eden Project of course, which was also heaven on earth. And i also heartily recommend too.

I have to say I am very proud of this image. As Iwas with most of the photos that I took in this garden, I may show you more at a later date.

This daisy was floating in some water in the bottom of one of Barbara's large sculptures. What i am still curious about, as i never was able to find out, is, was this intentionally placed there, or was it a wonderful quirk of natures fate? Hmm ponderings........


Blogger Mary deB said...

Hello! Nice to see you up and about. I must say that Eye candy Friday was not at all my idea, but I found it... somewhere! It's fun and I should get back into the routine.

Have a pint for me next time you get together with the lunchtime stitchers!

1:50 am  

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