Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just hot off the scarlet runway

I have been busy making stuff on the sofa. I can’t spend long sitting at a computer or sewing machine at the mo as I have hurt my back and it’s too painful. So i am quite limited as to what i can do laid back on the sofa. So boredom had set in, and while knitting still being my passion I felt I needed something extra to help me kill the hours that have been dragging by. Brian rot telly - does exactly what it says on the tin!

So I have been felting jumpers and just look what I have created.

Dinky little footwarmy slippers/Shoes for newborns

More dinky little footwarmy slippers/Shoes for newborns

Felted keyring/bag charm

Lovely 100% cashemere slippers(mum was given these and she seemed very happy with them, which is good to know, must test a less bias maket me thinks)

I am feeling very proud of these. Not only have I stuck upon a fab idea( i hope), but it’s green too. As I am recycling old jumpers which would normally not even be fit too wear (too many holes, a stain, or already shrunk) More colours and designs to follow in the not too distant future. Etsy here i come!

opinions welcomed please.


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