Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hiya All

And after along time away I am back! And after much annoyance with blogger and their new google mail stuff( i really was ready to throw my computer accross the room in a fit of rage) why cant things be simple sometimes? I have finally made it.

I can’t say I will be any better at keeping up with this any more regularly than before. I will try though.

I seem to spend rather more time making stuff or doing things (Oh and unfortunately more often than not, being unwell or recovering from things) rather than on here (the computer) telling everyone about it. However I realize I miss keeping up with people who live far away, you know who you are, and that I can end up telling the ones that live near the same story many times. And it’s just not as fun without pictures either.

So I, Clare, herby pledge, to try to do more blogging, more frequently



Blogger The Crafty Otter said...

Welcome back, Clare! 'Tis I, Ota, but I dont' know if you'll be able to tell as I have to sign in with my Google account to post messages... Well done on battling blogger till it let you in; it's good to see you online again.

7:59 pm  

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