Saturday, June 21, 2008


I was rather fed up the other day. So i rooted through all my fabric stash for little scraps in lovely bright colours. And a short while later i came up with this!
My first thought with my colour choices was ' I don't have any green'. But silly me, the garden is full of green! And it looked so lovely flapping about in the breeze.

Now all i need is some good weather, its now 2 days after the photo was taken and its not stopped raining, so i can fire up the BBQ and have some people over to enjoy my newly refurbished garden.

The overhaul is all thanks to Martin, who was very kindly volunteered by his wife Frances(he did agree to do this himself thought i hasten to add) to help get my garden back into a manageable state. A homemade lamb tagine lunch by way of a thank you was provided by moi, along with direction as to what i wanted to keep and loose. I have to say i have never seen someone garden with such vigor and determination. It now looks wonderful and is now easy to look after. Now only the front garden to be done.


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