Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bygone days

A little rant on my part to go with Rosies blogg about

Esmeralda's Flopsies

What can i say, except i agree. Does anyone remember our independent cinema, The Victoria(which had a table space invaders machine! Totally fab! When did you last see one of those?), which faced proudly onto the market square in Cambridge? aad was bought out by M&S when the large mulitplex at the Grafton Centre forced it into closing. And Barneys, the little qirky mens clothing store that was next door to it.


Blogger Manda said...

What about the Kinema on Mill Road ........ a cinema. Or the restuarant called Nettles down the side of the Arts Theatre. Oh the list could go on. Munroes below the cinema in the Market Sq ........

10:10 am  

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