Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Charity shop bargains and the Fabric Junky

Hello all

I have been a very lucky Scarlet, just look what i picked up yesterday Now i know that this sort of thing is not to everyone's taste. But me, i love it! I got one the purple and red fabric just before Christmas, and just remembered i had it after purchasing the purple black and white one yesterday. They were both total bargains, at £1.99 and £1.50 respectively. The red and purple fabric is enough to make a fab floor length dress, and the other piece an A line or full skirt. I just cant wait to get started, but i have other more important projects to finish first. Ooo the frustration , but yeah, the love of crimpoline!

My mum just doesn't get why i love the stuff, i guess she spent alot of the 70's wearing it. But for me its the ultimate in practical artificial fabrics. Now don't get me Wong, given the choice i would always plump for cotton, silk, linen etc. Crimoline has its place though. It doesn't need ironing(major plus, i don't do ironing, save a few special occasions like weddings, or when actually making clothes and pressing seams is essential, this is why Lycra was invented in my opinion, DuPont, you hero you), it dries in a winter afternoon without the aid of a radiator, it doesn't crumple, its a got a bit of stretch in it which is always nice for a bit of comfort and movement in a garment oh and its so lovely to stitch with. And like some vintage pieces like this, it comes in fantastical patterns. Converted yet?

My other love from this era is lurex, yummy, i also have a wardrobe with quite a bit of this in too. And i recently managed to pick up a contemporary piece with vintage styling that no one else loved enough in the sale in H&M for a fiver and it was turquoise! ?Oh i do love h
aving a unique and unusual taste in clothes, bargains for me everywhere i go!

Oh dear ... Hello my name is Scarlet i am a fabric junky, oh and a yarn hoarder, and a magpie and a womble( guesses on this one welcomed, or ask me and i shall tell you, perhaps) oh and .....

Oh and i got a few more buttons, the big ones are a lovely chocolaty brown,
which just isn't showing up in the photo. And Pepper, as always, got in on the act. And decided that i had laid down this lovely warm fabric as a luxury washing platform on which he could sit, typical.


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