Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Christmas Awards

Hiya All
I'm back! Ive been very ill since before Christmas, still recovering. I am now able to at least sit at the computer again, and let you know what i have been up too.

So here are my Christmas awards, like the Oscars only a lot less glamorous, and no actual prizes. But whilst these are being handed out i shall be wearing a beautiful gown.

So best Christmas card goes to.....

Gill P. I think this must be hand made by her, very cheery i think you ll all agree.

Best Christmas envelope goes to .....

Alice, Zareh's mum. Very good impressionism of a bunch of holly and a very nice surprise to receive a card from them.

And for the best imagination for thought in to gift the award goes to....

Zareh , for his hand chosen hamper that he put together for me. Full of yummy stuff , real treats. In this hamper i had, organic salmon fillets, Aberdeen Angus beef sausages, double Gloucester cheese, Stilton with apricot cheese, 2 real vanilla pods(raspberry pannacotta here i come) , mushroom and truffle sauce, truffle oil(both of these are fab with scrambled eggs i can tell you!), pickled garlic, taleggio cheese(which i have been dying to try and as you can see from the photo, i couldn't wait, it was divine!), stuffed vine leaves, mushroom pasta sauce, red wine and organic pasta.

For the present that made me laugh the prize goes to....

Smurf and rich, for my cat bottom tea towel holder.


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