Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blocked starfish shawl and Photo shoot volunteer required

It still amazes me how much lace knitting grows when you block it, magic!

before blocking

after blocking

I just about found a piece of carpet large enough to block this out.

Now all i need is a photo shoot with my shawl being worn as a garment(I have requests for this already) Anyone have any spare time to themselves between Christmas and new year?(i know, not many gonna be able to say yes to this one) Fancy a mutual knitting photo shoot in some nice location somewhere in Cambridge?


Anonymous Alison said...

Oh, wow!! Doesn't it look stunning, blocking? I know I'm a geek, but it really brings the geometry to life; I guess it makes it all line up properly, and gives it a wonderful rhythm and flow. Let us know if you get no other offers for photoshoots; I'm still working my bottom off (was asked if I'd be busy Tuesday!!), so I don't know what my time will be like, but I may be able to help out...

8:38 am  

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