Thursday, December 13, 2007

starfish shawl complete

Hiya All

I have for the last month or two been slowly chipping away at the Starfish Shawl in Nora Gaughan's 'Knitting Nature'. and its now finished! This was very pleasing to knit, once you got past the cast on of 750 sts! EEK i here you cry.I know i though that too, but each deacreases and so it can only get quicker to knit. The pattern was very easy to memorise, once set up. And i lucked out in shoping from my stash with a cone of yarn that i purchased at a chaity shop for a £1. Couldnt it be any better than that! After done the burn test on it, it turned out to be a pure wool too. Doulbe whammy! And to hit the hat trick, i still have a half to a third left of the cone to do another lovely lace project with! I am feeling not only proud, but smug too. And quite entiteled too i think so too.

All it needs now, as you can see, is a damn good blocking. Ah but do i have carpet space big enought to spare?

More pics to come soon i hope.


Blogger Mary deB said...

Oooh, I've thought of making that. Must have modeled shots!

9:56 pm  

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