Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pepper's been a hunting

Now i have to tell you i do have an odd moggy. As a kitten he retrieved things( i think that perhaps a past life as a dog?) Any thing from tennis balls, from a neighbours dog, electrical tape, from a neighbours shed, nail files, who knows where from and now to top it off this

Left over burger in paper! on my door step as a gift for me.

He did start his hunting career in an odd way too. He started with lumps of moss as a kitten, aww bless him that was cute beyond belief, and he was so proud of himself too. then came worms, not my favourite i have to say, as you could use the bathroom in the middle of the night only to have squishing sensations underfoot,Yeuch!! And at the end of the week when i came to clean the kitchen floor and lift up the door mat i would find......... dried squished worms! That he had saved for later on. This was not cute.

So we shall see what else he get ups to in his old age( 10 years old now bless him) apart from going more and more salt and pepper( yes that's where his name came from) and growing more ear hair( yes! male cats do it too!! can you believe it)

He also seems to have odd food tastes too. Going absolutely crazy if you bring a melon in the house, he loves the stuff( a fruit bat in a past, past life?) along with raisins, chick peas, and soya beans. he does like all the usual like cheese, butter, cream , fish , meat etc too, He's not that weird!


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