Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fame at last!

Not really the good sort. I am however very pleased as now the local area knows whats going on. And this may help prevent this happening again. The reporter has it almost all accurate, a few small details that aren't quite right, but they don't really matter.

I also arrived home today to find CCTV cameras on the drive way, yeah the landlord! Now how many of you can say you have ever said that?


Blogger Mary deB said...

I read that online. Pretty horrible, but I must say *you* are looking fine!

7:10 pm  
Blogger Molly said...

HI - met you on the 4th - 2 seats to your left. Was so surprised to see your picture on the front page of the paper - and dismayed to read what has been happening -so I looked you up - wasn't likely to forget a such a wonderfully descriptive and apt blog name.

I just wanted to express my sympathy and moral support here, since I won't see you until the group meets in the new year. I wish I could actually do something 'concrete' to help your situation - I feel quite frustrated for you!

3:48 am  

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