Thursday, December 13, 2007

eye candy friday recipe

It was a very had frost yesterday so as i went out top up the bird and squirrel food stations i thought it would be lovely to take some frosty pictures. And seeing as i am running a nice fever at the moment, 5 Min's outside without a coat was quite refreshing. So here we have a nice photo of frosty mint. Sparkly!

Which set me thinking, ooh, you could make mojitos out of this without the need for much ice! So here's a link to a recipe I found on the net, oh don't you just love Google. so it may be winter but nature has sent us the ingredients for a summery drink. Ain't life funny.

I wondering if its possible to grow a lime tree outside in this country in the summer? To provide the lovely addition for this drink and the good old 1970's British favourite Christamssy drink 'snowball'


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