Friday, December 14, 2007

More Moggy hunting

More gifts arrived last night and this morning from my furry little weirdo.

In the words of the great Rolf Harris 'Can you guess what it is yet?' No? It's a used round tea bag!

Pepper came in at about 11pm last night mewing as if he had caught a mouse or bird, with me on the sofa thinking ' oh no, not at this time of night'. And then i am very proudly presented, a tea bag. He is so funny.

Then this morning i get out of bed on to step on something that was squishy, and my mind think eeewww! I looked down to find this

A very well chewed piece of blu tac!
Awwh bless him, i am not very well, so he keeps bringing me presents.
What next though? A winning lottery ticket would be good, a caring and funny man would be fantastic( though i suspect not easy to drag though the cat flap) I can but hope he brings something a little more useful home. In the mean time i shall continue to be amused by his antics and hope that this also makes you laugh.


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