Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gift from Bruge

As many of you know i don't get to travel as much or as often as i would like. And so when one of my friends goes on their travels i always ask if they would please send me a postcard, so i can sort of travel vicariously. Well Zareh went to Belgium recently and instead of a postcard returned with a small paper bag for me. Its contents was lace, and so very me, this friend of mine does know me very well. Cats playing with yarn!

Notice the crazed look in their eyes. So i have mounted them on red card and laminated Them, to protect the lace, and now i have a lovely book mark. Thank you Zareh.


Anonymous Alison@yarninmypocket said...

Oh, yes, cats and yarn! And now mounted on red, too. They are adorable in their manicness!

9:43 pm  

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