Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snowball recipe

In reference to an earlier post. A snowball is a lovely ( in my opinion and my family's, i cant speak for anyone else) drink hailing back to the good old 70's( why good, because i was born in the 70's) Here's how to make one you will need Advocaat Cold Lemonade Roses lime cordial (fresh lime will do, but trust me on this, the Roses lime cordial is really unique)
Take a tall glass, put one inch of advoaact in the bottom( i prefer two inches!) top up with lemonade and add a good slug of lime cordial, stir, drink and enjoy. It has a nice sort of foam on the top and is all thick and creamy underneath. The best way to describe the tastes is sort of like and alcoholic lime milkshake, yummy!


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