Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More Unencylopedia Fun

Looking up 'cat' on the unencylopedia found me this, it made me laugh. And believe me with the day i have had i needed it. To all of you that wished me a good 2008, Thank you very much, and perhaps i should hope it starts on the first of February not January, as it's only the SECOND today and a whole world of crap has just happened. I won't go in to details on here, those of you in phone contact will already know what. Needless to say its gonna take alot of sorting out.

My present!


A purr is a nice comforting low rumble, which means that a storm will come in the next decade. These cats are really damn annoying just so you should know. They walk up to you and purr. The only thing you should be doing is running to a shelter and wait there for about a decade. It's worth it. You do NOT want to see a downpour of hairballs everywhere. Take my advice and you will not die. We hope.


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