Thursday, January 10, 2008

my bargain dress

Now those of you that know me well you know that i have a unique sense of style and taste in clothes. Needless to say this always serves me well, as i can get the most amazing sale bargains, things that no one else likes and i love.

I saw this dress
(I'm sorry its not modelled by moi, its a little chilly for that right now, come summer im sure i can rectify this though. It does look much better on than it does on the hanger, bit of a nothing dress on the hanger?)

back at the end of the summer and immediately fell in love. And then realised that i would probably be one of the few who would, as the pattern is quite unusual. So i hedged my bets and waited till the sales. And hey presto! My dress was in the sale. As was the skirt, shirt and camisoles all in the same fabric, guess i really do have unique taste!

So a £45 dress at the end of the summer,

was £29 in the sale, but i was brave and hung on, a few days later .....

it was £22, and there were still lots left in my size.

I finally got my self what i consider to be a true deal when i paid £13 for it! Yippee!


Blogger Rosie said...

that really is a bargain and I bet it looks gorgeous on.

9:25 am  

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