Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweeney Todd- a Graphic review - No spoilers

Last night Manda and i went off to the cinema to see the latest Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration. And it was GREAT!! Dark and menacing, touching and sad, And oh boy was there blood.
This film is not for the faint hearted(nor for those that don't enjoy musicals) These days there are less and less 18 certificate films i have noticed, but this one certainly required it. The opening titles certainly let you know what you are in for in the film. It wasn't so much the blood that Manda, or me for that matter, found disturbing, but the sound of people downing in it as there throats are cut.
In the interview with Johnathan Ross on Film 2008 Tim Burton did kinda say,'if you're gonna do blood, you may as well do blood!'. And that they did in buckets full. And for me, i didn't even flinch at this, but a nasty scene with some fire sure had me with my hands on my face(no guesses why there really).
I have to say that Johnny Depp was marvellous as ever, mean, moody, disturbingly scary too, which was a nice sup rise, i thought that maybe this wouldn't come across after having played such a lovable rogue alot recently, ah the man has talent. And I'm quite impressed at his singing ability now too. A stellar performance from Helena Bonham Carter as always too, she does tragically, romantically unhinged so well. And as for Alan Rickman, well what can you say, that voice, just oozes villain, in such an appealing way. And the young lad who plays Mrs Lovetts companion was pretty good too. All round great acting, and as for the costumes, Divine!!


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