Friday, May 30, 2008

ill and bored- Return of the Scarlet one.

Hiya Alll
Long time no blogg.

Well i had been busy spending some time with a nice fella for part of my absence. Only to find it wasnt enough time to feel special enough to him so i said goodbye and went on my merry way.
Rest of time spent seeing friends, movies, knitting,knit group, working on family photos archiving, any generally tying to get some rest and feel better.

That plan was kinda working till last week. Got a sore throat on the wed night, woke up on thursday feeling like death warmed up. Now have a chest infection, and a bitter mouth from the side effects from the drugs trying to make me feel better, oh and bacterial conjuntivitis(oh boy do i hate bloody hayfever!) . And so i am litteraly dosed up to the eyeballs!! And coughing like a 90 year old thats smoked 50 a day for the last 60 years! but hey with this gravelly voice of mine i could make some seriously naughty phonecalls! See, i still have a sense of humour. I think that the illness could be down to going on a a disasterous first date with a fella on the wed night perhaps ;-) And my body reacted in the most severe way.

I will never know, but hey , thought of it kinda makes me laugh. And when things get this bad you gotta laugh really, otherwise youre just gonna cry

So i got bored this avo. And i am just about able to look at the computer screen again, after much light sensetivity with sick eyeballs, and so have been aimlessly surfing for a bit. And found this

your name's Secret Meaning is...
"Desire Incarnate"

What fun. I think it suits me? What do you think?!


Blogger Rosie said...

Sorry to hear you've been so unwell, but they've got your name spot on! When I tired they suggested "dainty" for Rosie (I think not). So I tried again with Rosemary and got "stunning beauty" (if only...)

Keep getting better!

9:21 am  

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