Saturday, June 21, 2008


WWKIPD-World Wide Knitting In Public Day
14th June

So I am a member of the Cambridge Knitting Group, Ktog( in knitting language this means' knit together') I joined this lovely group of people just at the end of November last year, and now attend every meeting that i am able to do so. They are a very generous and diverse bunch of people from all walks of life, and i felt very at home from the start. Many of them are now firm friends and we get together outside of the knitting meetings.

Anyway... Last Saturday was WWKIPD and so we set about to show to the world, well Cambridge actually, what we do. We started off at Sew Creative in Kings Street for a couple of hours, as you can see, quite a good turn out, and free tea and cake kept us even more happy, than just our knitting. Many thanks to Janine and the team at Sew Creative for all their efforts (and fantatsic bunting!) for making this such an enjoyable event.

After a couple of hours we headed off to Parkers Piece for the Cambridge Town and Country show.

We set up camp and the picnics came out, and after lunch more knitting. The weather was just about kind to us, and a great day was had by all. Lots of new faces as well as old. And we did out bit to spread the word that knitting is not just for grannies!

Come join us if you like, this is how to find us Ktog


Blogger Ian said...

Hi, I am interested in joining, but only if I am allowed to do some thatching.

7:49 pm  

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