Sunday, January 13, 2008

more christmas money bargains

I have now spent all my Christmas gift money. And i can prove how it is possible to make your money go further these days.

Another haul of vintage buttons, £4.90 for the lot. I plan to put these on some more hand knitted, or otherwise, hats.

And some more bargain clothes. A friend( i can't quite remember who) at the Knit Cambridge group told me that Laura Ashly in Cambridge was closing down, and having a drastic sale. Now i am not what you would call a typical Laura Ashely shopper, but i thought i would be worth a look., and look what i got!

The skirt was £55 down to £16, great bargain. Only for me to get to the till and find it was £4.60!!! i nearly fainted there and then. But managed to pay for it quickly needless to say. And so without hesitation i went back to look at the meagre rails again to see if there was anything else worth looking at. And found this

Not my colour i hear you say,(there were about 8 of these dresses in various sizes, so i am guessing not a very popular colour with anyone) well no, its not at all, but... being made of silk and cotton, it will dye, so i purchased said dress, which was originally £80 and i picked up for ...£7.50!! And this afternoon gave it a dye bath.

I frequently buy what are considered to be ugly garments in sales or charity shops, with a mind to transforming them with the simple fact of changing their colour. having been practicing this since i was about 16 i am now very adept at knowing what will dye and what wont, and what sort of results i can expect. I seem to have about a 95% success rate. dying patterned garment is always exciting as you never can tell what you re going to get till the garment is fully dry.

I will post a picture at a later date of the dyed mint dress( now called mint ashley but soon to be.......? ashley). as i am set to embellished it with very small subtle sequins after dying it. And so transform it into a beautiful garment for me to hopefully wear to a friends wedding next year. Along with of course, a beautiful hand knitted garment, a vintage or handmade handbag, and a head piece( hat, fascinator or other type of garment for my hair/head) designed and made by moi.


Blogger Rosie said...

Great buys! I'm so glad that I didn't know about the Laura Ashley sale (what's the betting that they're moving to the Grand Arcade?) as I'm trying not to spend money at the moment. I love dyeing and decorating things, too, but that mint colour would actually have suited me just as it is.

7:01 pm  

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