Friday, June 27, 2008


Hello all

Due to the fuel prices going up, i am forced to start using my bike again. And enfact this could be the reality of my future, without a car, due to increasing cost. Which is not a prospect i relish much. For reasons like,

  • How to get a cat to regular vet visits on a bike, lots of scratching involved i fear
  • How to get shopping home, seeing as i am eating alot of canned goods at the mo, they weigh alot.
  • How to get to destinations where buses don't go, and i cant carry goods far.
  • How do i mange when i am in so much pain i simply cannot ride a bike. ( note- i really shouldn't have today as i was in alot of pain yesterday, but i have to keep trying to improve my health)

I am sure there are many things that i can add to the list in the future, this what springs to mind immediately.

And the fact that due to recent changes in my meds i have gained some unwanted weight, and the need to build up my muscles is ever present in my mind. Even though it makes my hands numb whilst riding, and very painful when i stop. And the site of me trying to walk after getting off is quite funny i must imagine, i wobble about as if drunk, as my legs go all wobbly. All not the best of side effects from exercise, but still they beat the side effects from the meds. So i will try to keep at it as much as my pain ridden bod will allow.

However, i went to get my new homelink magazine today( still new home hunting, but without many prospects) and thought 'its really not that far, i should cycle'. Anyway i have just looked it up on mulitmap and it seems i have managed 3 miles today! EEK! no wonder i am knackered now! I know to alot of people this is not that far, But for those of you that know me, this i quite an achievement.


Blogger Lyndsey-Jane said...

I don't think I could manange 1mile on a bike let alone 3 well done!
Have you thought about doing a monthly shop (for tins and packet goods) and getting them delivered? I know you have to pay delivery charges but if you do it once a month it might be worth it.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Take Care

5:34 pm  

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