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Hello all

Me again. I have been hoping that when i finally find myself a, decent, social housing home to move to, that i will have a garden. The reality of food and fuel prices going up, somethings gotta give. And if i can't keep costs down by riding a bicycle(see previous posts) i want to try and grow more food. I already have rhubarb and strawberries, tomatoes, chilli, bell pepper and salad leaves in my current city garden. All of which pretty much take care of themselves, apart from the harvesting, low maintenance is the key! The hope would be to create raised beds out of scavenged or freecycled materials, to make this as pain free as possible, and to add to this, i would dearly love some chickens.
Now being me i do my research. I never like to go into projects uninformed, and besides research is fun(yes you heard me correctly, i like it). So i have been surfing for some of today to look up the costs and care involved. Along with how to house them, what to feed them and set up costs etc.

It seems the chooks(as it seem most people call them) are very inexpensive, Between £10 and £20 per chook. Although i love the idea or rescuing a couple of battery hens, which they cull after 3 years when laying production drops, even though they will continue to lay for another couple of years. These tend to be free. literally! What a nice way to give some good Kama out.

This does however contrast with the set up cost. About £350 for the coop, run, food etc. So i think i either need to pop this pipe dream bubble now, or hope that a charity(that may be able to help me with resettlement costs, cooker, flooring etc.) will see it as a good thing to allow me to 'grow' my own food. The eglu is particularly good, as it is fox proof, easy to clean(a very good thing when pain is involved) and looks pretty funky too. And it seems is not much difference in price from an old style wood and metal mesh coop.

This site is great Omlet

The only hard decision for me would be, what colour!

Oh and don't even get me started on my dream of a goat!
Just think of the lovely goats cheese i could be making!


Blogger red rubies said...

Hi Scarlet Tiger - Red Helen here (Lenna). Long time no talk! Hope you doing fine. Nothing to do with Chickens, although my mum's got taken by the fox a couple of months ago. I now have a daughter (did I tell you?).Have sent you an invite to Dan's surprise 40th party on 13th Sept. Hope you can make it - would love to see you, Love Lenna.

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