Friday, July 11, 2008


Every so often i like to practice Random Acts Of Kindness. Now as most of you already know, i am not a religious person. I am however, i guess, quite spiritual, if that's the right description. And i believe that what you do in this life will come back to you, what the Buddhists call Kama. Do bad things and they will come back and bite you on the arse. Be good to yourself and to other people and the universe will reward you.

So i received a lovely compliment from a woman in Finland yesterday, via Ravelry (a worldwide knitting and crochet forum of which i am an active member). And as i navigated my way around her page, i found a group i had not yet joined which sounded very me. So i went and signed up and had a nosey about, and found an interesting woman called Mysticfarah from New york in the US. And so i read some of her blog, as i tend to do, to get to know people a little better. And she very much sounded like she and i had a similar view on life. So i emailed her yesterday. And sent her this

I just found you through the curvy girls group. Being one i thought i really should join up. I have just been reading your myspace blog and I love your attitude to life. You’ve got you re head screwed on pretty good.

Anyway i just wanted to say hi, and that you look really beautiful in your photos. And i know you say Kama isn't working for you very well, and believe me, i am not getting my fair share of it at the moment. But i am here to say, i am your bit of good Kama today. Because i found you through some very random events and i am letting you know you are beautiful(humans should really tell other humans nice things sometimes, especially ones they don't know)

Someone randomly did this for me, i looked at her groups, found she was i the curvy girls group, then found you, and hey presto! random act of kindness was achieved! So i hope that you have enjoyed this experience? And no, I'm not a crazy! Just someone who has to keep believing in Kama, because my life is pretty damn shit these days, and hope is all i have.

So take care gorgeous, and spread the word, tell people nice things, just because, you can!


And this it seems was very well received, always a good outcome.

And so in my inbox today was this

Thank you, there are very few people that have the ability to compliment and encourage strangers, there are even less who are willing to receive compliments. Everything happens for a reason, I learned the hard way. Sometimes we need to distance ourselves from those closest to us that cause us grief for those are truly not friends.Once in a while you find someone who is truly genuine, honest and inspiring, I think you just might be that.


So if you feel life is a little hard at the moment, and you have the generosity and ability in you, and i am sure you do. Find someone you don't know, and tell them something truly beautiful about themselves, this will make them feel amazing. As it will you. And in return, believe that something beautiful is heading your way. Tell someone you think they look great in what their wearing, smile at someone, take the time to chat to an elderly person sat alone, wave at a child in a car who is waving at you, Just try it. You would be amazed at how something so small can have such an impact! Have fun!


Blogger Liat said...

wow! I found your blog as I was clicking around on Ravelry, because I am just finishing up (!!!) my Dressing Gown, and looking (again) at yours, and I was thinking how beautiful you are, and how nice it is that you take pictures of all your lovely garments actually ON you, so we can see how they look and fit. I felt very inspired and clicked some more and found your blog and then your post about the Curvy Girls and all that, and now I am going to go join up, and who knows how many cool ideas and people I will find there when I do! Your blog post is like a butterfly flapping its wings, and I feel a storm on the other side of the world. Thank you!

1:24 am  
Blogger Scarlet said...

Well thank you too! This is one of the best comments ive ever had. I like the butterfly reference. I do seem to have a bit of a thing about butterflies funnily enough. So who are you on Ravelry? I am tigerchilli.

5:46 pm  
Blogger joosypigeon said...

Hey Ms Scarlet I still havent been able to get hold of your number.

My email is cabaret[at]simonmullen[dot]com
Mail me, it would be really nice to go for a drink.

4:24 pm  
Blogger Liat said...

I am liatm on ravelry. =)

7:48 pm  
Blogger PerlNumquist said...

Interesting article in the Grauniad about random acts of kindness. Apparently they make people extremely suspicious and usually not terribly well disposed to one. I can see the reasoning, but it saddens me nonetheless.
There was a bloke with a puncture on the cycle path a few weeks ago with a shredded inner tube. I always cary a spare so I gave him mine. He was hardly effusive and then I had a puncture on the way home and had no contingency. Karma is seriously flawed as aconcept.
By the way, when I hear the word "Magenta", I taste wine gums. Its great being me sometimes. Thanks for the flavour.

5:18 pm  
Blogger PerlNumquist said...

AHA! Found it after some searching. In case you were interested:

5:29 pm  

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