Sunday, November 02, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello All

So its been quite a while since i blogged. Reasons: moving house!

I have finally got the home i have always wanted. I now have a lovely Ground Floor flat( no stairs, yippee!) very close to the city centre(10 Min's on my new electric bike called Winifred, as she makes this whinnying sound as she powers along) and I have a wet room bathroom which is just fab. And best of all, its a council flat, so i am finally on a decent level of rent, and secure in the fact that they wont kick me out , unlike private landlords who are always selling property etc.

So as i mentioned i now have an electric bike. I got rid of my beloved Volvo, Bertie, as she was just getting too expensive to repair and run. And so i am now the Eco lass on my electric bike, see me whizzing round Cambridge, alot of people have. And i love it. Its not so much now its winter, but knitting soon helps take care of that. Wish she had some gears and suspension though, as my hands are still taking a real battering.


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