Friday, November 30, 2007

More knitted things

Friends of mine Colin and Paula have just had a gorgeous baby girl. Congratulations! Who I was able to meet for the first time this morning. And oh what a little cutie she is. And a very chilled out little girl she seemed too.

And I thought you might like to see what I knitted for her. Seeing as the sex of the baby was undetermined prior to birth and with Christmas coming up, I thought red would be a great all round colour. I know i am biased towards this colour too. I did think that aqua, my other choice, was a bit more of a summer colour though. And once I knew a little girl had arrived I was able to do a little bit of embroidery to customize her garments. Darling, you’re never too young for fashion lessons!

So here is her little ensemble. Which I am hoping in the future I will be able to show you a photo of her in.

This is the first time I have knit in pure acrylic (v practical for a newborn, no worries about wool allergies and its nice and warm) and I have to say its lovely stuff to use, and practical for kids. But I am a natural’s kinda girl at heart. Give me pure cottons, silks, alpaca, etc any day. But hey, a lesson has been learnt. Gifting knitting items can be affordable and rewarding when you buy acrylic yarns. And Colin and Paula did seem very pleased with them. Which is the idea.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eye candy Friday

I hope that Mary DB
won't mind me borrowing(well blatantly pinching i think is more accurate) her idea. Thank you Mary.

Here is one of my photos. It was taken last summer in the Barbara Hepworth garden in Cornwall. Which if you are ever in the area i can highly recommend. It was probably the highlight of my Cornwall holiday. That and The Eden Project of course, which was also heaven on earth. And i also heartily recommend too.

I have to say I am very proud of this image. As Iwas with most of the photos that I took in this garden, I may show you more at a later date.

This daisy was floating in some water in the bottom of one of Barbara's large sculptures. What i am still curious about, as i never was able to find out, is, was this intentionally placed there, or was it a wonderful quirk of natures fate? Hmm ponderings........

Pics of me from halloween

Hiya all

A few pic of me from halloween this year. I went as Little 'Dead' Riding hood (pay close attention to the be-headed wolf in my basket!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just hot off the scarlet runway

I have been busy making stuff on the sofa. I can’t spend long sitting at a computer or sewing machine at the mo as I have hurt my back and it’s too painful. So i am quite limited as to what i can do laid back on the sofa. So boredom had set in, and while knitting still being my passion I felt I needed something extra to help me kill the hours that have been dragging by. Brian rot telly - does exactly what it says on the tin!

So I have been felting jumpers and just look what I have created.

Dinky little footwarmy slippers/Shoes for newborns

More dinky little footwarmy slippers/Shoes for newborns

Felted keyring/bag charm

Lovely 100% cashemere slippers(mum was given these and she seemed very happy with them, which is good to know, must test a less bias maket me thinks)

I am feeling very proud of these. Not only have I stuck upon a fab idea( i hope), but it’s green too. As I am recycling old jumpers which would normally not even be fit too wear (too many holes, a stain, or already shrunk) More colours and designs to follow in the not too distant future. Etsy here i come!

opinions welcomed please.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

knitted baubles

Just found this on Vouge knitting

Great for using up left overs, always something every knitter needs in my opinion.
So may i suggest that those of you who have kids of knitting age can now set them a new christmas decoration making challenge and see what you get.
If i had i certainly would. whats wrong with this sort of child labour/fun.
Surely it has more interest than then licking(paper cuts on tongue)sticking(to the furniture as well as the paper) and looping of paper chain making that i was set to do by my parents in the 70's/early 80's 'to keep me out of mischeif'. And really was child labour rather than fun. Which of course never lasted for long, beacause

A. I was a quick little crafter even back then and so my parents barely had time to cook the mince pies before i was finished.


B. I was born for mischeif!


Hiya All

And after along time away I am back! And after much annoyance with blogger and their new google mail stuff( i really was ready to throw my computer accross the room in a fit of rage) why cant things be simple sometimes? I have finally made it.

I can’t say I will be any better at keeping up with this any more regularly than before. I will try though.

I seem to spend rather more time making stuff or doing things (Oh and unfortunately more often than not, being unwell or recovering from things) rather than on here (the computer) telling everyone about it. However I realize I miss keeping up with people who live far away, you know who you are, and that I can end up telling the ones that live near the same story many times. And it’s just not as fun without pictures either.

So I, Clare, herby pledge, to try to do more blogging, more frequently